fclarkstewart portrait

Clark Stewart is an artist and Professor Emeritus of the School of Art at The University of Tennessee.

Portrait by Louis Fox, 1962


Born in 1942 in Evansville Indiana, his family soon moved to New York, then in 1949 to Southern California, where he grew up in Long Beach, Santa Ana, and Costa Mesa.  He attended the University of Redlands, where he received his BA, and married his wife Judy.  He then earned his MFA at Claremont Graduate University in 1966.

That same year he joined the faculty of the School of Art at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, where he spent the next nearly 40 very rewarding years teaching, retiring in 2005.

From an early age he has been obsessed with making, and has been an active artist to the present.  Seminally influenced by an early viewing of Joseph Cornell’s artist boxes, he explored this form early on, and has returned to it in several of his major series over the years.  Rejecting the idea of a single style or media, his work has evolved through pure drawing, constructions, collage, installation, sculpture, and an artist book.  The first drawings were small, incisively focused works, sometimes mistaken for engravings.  This changed in a later series to large bold and expressively gestural works.  The narrative character remained constant, first mythic and metaphorical, then focusing on the interpersonal dynamics of families.  One of the last series departed from this to become a sculptural series of fantasy cars.

The work has been featured in nearly 300 exhibitions, and is included in many museum, corporate and individual collections.

Clark working on Automata

Clark working on Automata